Fortnite UPDATE: V7.20 Welcome another new Fortnite update, and Epic Games has revealed the patch notes for update v7.20. What's new?  BATTLE ROYALE New items: Scoped Revolver Glider Redeploy Item LIMITED TIME MODE: ONE SHOT There’s low gravity and every player has 50 health. Snipers are the only weapon and Bandages the only healing item. Jump high and aim well! Gravity is set lower than normal. The Storm wait time has been greatly reduced in all phases of the game. The only weapons in this mode are Hunting Rifles and Sniper Rifles. Semi-auto Snipers and Bounce Pads have been removed from the Vault in this mode. Players will spawn with 50 health and can only heal if they find Bandages. WEAPONS + ITEMS Scoped Revolver Added Gliders, an item that grants Glider redeploy. Minigun adjustments Rarity color adjustments The following projectile-based weapons now have the same projectile trajectory as the Heavy Sniper Rifle Weapon first-shot accuracy now works with icy feet and while on ziplines. The reticle center dot on Scoped Rifles has been reduced in size. This will mitigate situations where it appears you’re on your target but still miss the shot. Small shields max stack size has been decreased from 10 to 6. GAMEPLAY Zipline improvements Added the ability to change direction via player movement input button. Just move in the direction you’d like to go while riding a zipline, no jumping required. Rather than moving at max speed as soon as entering the zipline, players will now accelerate over time to reach that max speed. Destruction effects have been turned back on while riding a zipline. Players will destroy the nearby player buildings before attaching to the zipline so their path becomes clear Added a third decimal place for mouse/controller sensitivity to allow for more granular values. To help with situations where walls are built mostly underground, we've added functionality where an extra piece will be built for free on top of that piece. This occurs when the wall piece is showing less than 30% above ground. Gamepad Sensitivity Building sensitivity change also applies to edit mode. Editing will no longer interrupt gun fire and pickaxe swings. Corn stalks will no longer block gunfire. Editing a structure will now begin without waiting for a response from the server. This should cut down on ghost shots before editing and make it a smoother experience. Confirming the edit will still require sending data to the server and be impacted by high ping or poor server performance. Vehicle impact damage to a player will now respect shields instead of directly applying to player health. When a plane explodes due to any reason, it will now deal damage to both passengers and pilots. This damage no longer ignores shields. Infinite dab is even more infinite...Dab for 11 hours instead of 10 hours in the lobby. Adjusted map art to more accurately represent player & marker positions. Textures of props used in emotes are now pre-streamed so scorecard and other emotes that use props will have less chance of using a low-resolution texture. X-4 Stormwing passengers now have the same Hold to Exit functionality as pilots. SAVE THE WORLD MISSIONS + SYSTEMS Weekly Frostnite Challenge 3: New Wave Holiday Enemy waves send a large horde of the same enemy type at you. Players need to eliminate a specific number of enemies of that type to progress to the next wave. Available on January 16 at 7 PM ET. Weekly Frostnite Challenge 3 Quest rewards include: Challenge Banner 3 Ice Queen Outlander Snowflake Tickets The 14 Days of Fortnite event has ended and the Quests are no longer available. Added a new Power Level 128 zone in Frostnite for end-game players. This zone will be available to players who have reached the end of Twine Peaks Earn a new Reward Banner for completing all 30 waves of Frostnite in a 128 Power Level zone! Increased Frostnite XP, Gold, and Ticket rewards, especially at later waves, to better incentivize longer survival times. Replaced Transform Key and Schematic rewards with Perk-UP and RE-PERK in higher difficulty Frostnite zones. Changed which Storm Shield Defense quests unlock the Frostnite zones, so players should see more appropriately leveled zones. Mission map adjustments Missions are no longer locked behind old side quests. They are now unlocked by quests in the main campaign. Key story-specific missions can no longer have mission alerts on them. HEROES The Ice King will be available in the Event Store. Legendary variant of the Hotfixer subclass. Available on January 16 at 7 PM Eastern Time. The Ice Queen is available as a week 3 Frostnite challenge quest reward. Legendary variant of Striker subclass. Available to earn from January 16 at 7 PM ET until January 23 at 7 PM ET. Note: Each Hero will be unique when the new Hero Loadout launches Any Hero that had Damage Resistance Perks converted to Armor Perks in the v7.10 update is eligible for an Item Reset. If you choose to reset a hero this will return the hero to level 1, and all XP and evolution materials invested into the hero will be refunded Note that this reset option will be forfeited if any new resources are invested into the hero, or if the hero is slotted into the collection book. GAMEPLAY Separate targeting, scope, and gamepad building sensitivity settings are now shared between Save the World and Battle Royale. Continue Reading Fortnite UPDATE: V7.10 CONTENT UPDATE #3 BATTLE ROYALE WHAT'S NEW? Suppressed Sniper Rifle Trade power for stealth with the Suppressed Sniper Rifle. Drop in now and sneak up on your enemies! The Block Drop to The Block and explore the newest community creation! Bounce around in the DM Arena made by KojackNumber2. LIMITED TIME MODES 14 Days of Fortnite has been extended for a limited time! For the next week, drop in and complete any Challenges you may have missed out on to earn in-game rewards. We'll also be featuring some of the most popular Limited Time Modes that have been available over the past two weeks. Log in each day to find out which modes are available to explore. WEAPONS + ITEMS Suppressed Sniper Rifle added. Available in Epic and Legendary variants. Can be found from chests, floor loot, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops. A single shot, scoped sniper rifle. The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power. Deals 100/105 base damage Six Shooter has been vaulted. The following variants of the Burst Assault Rifle have been vaulted: Uncommon, Common, Rare Dual Pistols have been unvaulted. Dynamite drop rate reduced by 40%. Boom Box adjustments: Drop rate reduced by 33%. Health reduced from 600 to 400. Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds. GAMEPLAY X-4 Stormwing adjustments: The knockback a player receives after being hit by a Stormwing has been decreased by 70%. Damage done to the Stormwing from colliding with structures has been increased by 50%. Impact damage reduction while boosting through structures reduced from 50% to 25% Increased the spread of the Stormwing machine gun by 75%. Stormwing spawn chance has been decreased to 80% from 100%. Supply Drop health has been reduced to 250/500/750 (Solo/Duo/Squad). Bug Fixes The X-4 Stormwing is no longer able to fly above the max build limit. CREATIVE This is an early release so you may experience client crashes, loss of progress, or other unexpected errors. WEAPONS + ITEMS Suppressed Sniper Rifle added to Creative Inventory Weapons Available in Epic and Legendary variants. A single shot, scoped sniper rifle. The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power. Deals 100/105 base damage SAVE THE WORLD WHAT'S NEW? Santa’s Little Helper Help Santa deliver gifts, with a BANG! Find this weapon in the Weekly Store. The Popshot Shotgun Blast through enemies with this rapid firing shotgun! Get your very own by completing Frostnite Challenges. WEAPONS + ITEMS Santa's Little Helper will be available in the Weekly Store Launches explosive presents that damage and knockback groups of enemies. Does not consume ammo, but has very low durability. Available from January 9 at 7 PM ET until January 16 at 7 PM ET. The Popshot Shotgun will be available as a Frostnite Weekly Challenge reward A rapid firing low capacity semi-auto shotgun MISSIONS + SYSTEMS Weekly Frostnite Challenge 2: Burn Bright Time between enemy waves is drastically reduced. Use your time wisely! Weekly Frostnite Challenge 2 Quest rewards include: Challenge Banner 2 Popshot Shotgun Snowflake Tickets Continue Reading Fortnite Season 7: Winter is coming Fortnite Season 7 arrives as the Iceberg collides with the island. Discover new areas such as Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, and more! Uncover what’s in the new Battle Pass, rule the skies with the new X-4 Stormwing plane, and change the style of some of your favorite weapons and items with Wraps in Battle Royale. Explore Fortnite Creative, a new experience where you can create, play, and save anything you can imagine on private islands! In Save the World, the Stand and Fight campaign comes to an exciting conclusion as Canny Valley Act 3 is released! What's new?  Battle Pass (Battle Royale) - New Season, new Battle Pass.  Creative (New Mode) - New building mode. X-4 Stormwing Plane (Battle Royale) Wraps (Battle Royale) - New weapon  Canny Valley Act 3 (Save the World) - complete new quests Continue Reading Fortnite V6.02 PATCH NOTES Bug Fixes Addressed a disk performance issue on Xbox One which was causing buildings and cosmetics to load in slowly. This will also reduce load times.  This fix will result in a larger patch download than usual (around 10GB). Removed a change that was inadvertently introduced in v6.01 which caused Bonesy to bark more than was intended. Fixed an issue that caused moving circles to be closer to the previous safe zone than intended. Fixed some hitches on Switch caused by blocking loads of UI data. Increased the texture pool size on Xbox One, which should avoid some issues with blurry textures and improve rendering performance. Skull Trooper styles have a visual issue when viewing the Outfit from the Locker. The Outfit still appears properly in-game. This issue will be fixed next patch. Limited time mode for Battle Royale: DISCO DOMINATION Two groups fight it out. Respawning will be turned on until the third (final) storm circle. Five dance floors will show up on the outline at whatever point the storm isn't moving. Emoting on a dance floor when no enemies are present will raise a disco ball in the centre of the floor, and capture it for your team. The more neighborly players moving on a floor, the quicker it'll be captured. Once a floor is captured, it will begin filling the team’s “dance bar” on the HUD, until either an enemy stands on it or the current storm timer ends and the storm begins to move. The first team to fill their dance bar to 100% will win the match. The dance floors in the later stages of the match fill the bar more quickly, so don't give up if your team is behind! It is not possible to build on or over the dance floors, but they can be protected by surrounding them with a fort. Glider redeploy is activated in this mode, press jump while falling to use your glider. This mode uses 50v50 levels of loot and resources. Continue Reading Fortine Season 6 is comming: Fun & mysteries The new Fortnite era is coming! Season 5 lives out its last days (or even hours), and Season 6 is stepping on its heels.  This new season is already thrilling us with teasers and guesses. What new skins will appear there? What new locations to discover in Fortnite Season 6? Holding breath, we all wait for Thursday to come.  September, 27 is the date of the official release of Fortnite Season 6. Prepare your controllers and keyboards, have a good sleep on the eve of, and accumulate all your internal resources for the fierce fight! Season 6: there’s not much time for guesses The official Fortnite twitter message claims: “All great parties need a DJ”. Ok, we won’t call in question this fact, but what on earth does it mean? Maybe the hint is hidden in the Season 6 poster? The lama depicted on it is really looking like a DJ. And likely this is one of the new characters we are going to meet in Season 6. Another guess comes with another Fortnite Season 6 poster. Are they trying to say that the events are going to take place on the Wild West? A cowgirl with a bandana upon her face is probably the next new skin for the Season 6. Should we also anticipate a Wild West location on the map? Among other map concepts, there is an idea about Crazy Castle comeback. This will lead to medieval characters emergence for sure.  Some fans presume that Season 6 will be packed with the wildest maps of the mirror universe and will even consider time-traveling.  We can only say for sure (for 99,9%, to be exact) that the Fortnite Season 6 is going to offer the location somehow connected with Kevin’s relocation. Kevin is a giant purple cube rolling through the Season 5. For a few previous weeks, it spun around the map and left large runes in a few places. These purple runes cause a large circular field with low gravity around them. Isn’t it a clue for the Season 6? There are more questions than the answers. However, there’ not long to wait. Fortnite Season 6: prepare the ground Except for a good sleep before the release date and comfortable gaming place, you can prepare yourself for the Season 6 with good investments in Fortnite.  As every season before, Fortnite Season 6 will consist of a free and a paid version. The paid one will cost approximately $ 9.99 with many skins included. It is undoubtedly one of the best investments in Fortnite.  So if you earned some amount of V-Bucks in Season 5, simply use them to improve your Season 6 gaming experience. Prepare to face new challenges, along with new skins, map locations, and abundance of purple. DJ llama or The Cowgirl? Parallel universe or Crazy Castle? Who cares? Season 6 is going to be abso-fortnite-lutely awesome! Continue Reading