• Developer: Epic Games
  • Genre: Action, Strategy, Other
  • Version: 5.30
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Official information

Release Date 25 Jul, 2017
Developer Epic Games
Publisher Epic Games
Genre Action, Strategy, Other
Language English
System Windows PC, Android, iOS, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One Under development: Linux, PS3, Xbox 360
Version 5.30


Fortnite Review

Fortnite of Epic Games developer became a real madness in 2017 and still doesn’t seem to quit. Fortnite is first of all Battle Royale, a survival game in interactive environment. And it’s even more epic than its developer’s name. The mass culture phenomenon, it introduced millions to online gaming, gave life to a lot of memes, and consumed countless hours of our lifetime. And it will. So if you haven’t been to this island, hold on.

Till the Last One Standing

When speaking of Fortnite, we first of all mean Battle Royale, a 100-player survival with people on an isolated island under storm attack. All of participants are teamed 50-50 and deployed from Battle Bus on the island, and start searching for weapons and hunt the opponent group members. There’s no respawn: when you die, you die.

The island gets caught and covered by a storm driving all the survivors closer to each other, so no one hides. Luckily, you can use your fortification skills, and the materials you need, like metal, wood and stone, can be picked from virtually everywhere. Everything is destructible, and you always have a pickaxe. You’ll need your fortification skills to protect yourself in the final stand, so collect enough materials to build a good protection.

There is a mini map in upper right corner. It displays your mates and enemies on the current location, shows how much time is left before the storm covers the island, and informs you about the current score.

In fact, there’s more to Fortnite. The original version was built upon day and night change in the world full of zombies: day to collect resources and build, night to stand your ground. But the original version is paid, while Battle Royale is free-to-play and even free-to-win. So it’s up to you whether you’d like to have a different story in the same visual style.

Too Cartoony for a Battle?

Fortnite for PC and, for example, Fortnite Xbox One look quite unified. It’s a third person view action game in full 3D, and you’re looking from behind the shoulder. You only switch to FPV when aiming through a scope, but rifles and guns rarely have it.
The moves are smooth, and the world seems real. Detailed landscapes, houses, cars, hills and roads look rather cartoonish than realistic, but it’s a top quality cartoon. It gets especially grand when the storm approaches.

Though the game requires much space (Fortnite Mac or Windows versions require from 15 up to 24 GB of storage), it’s all on the screen. A bit schematic, all the environment is interactive. The game runs smoothly even if your system is rather minimal than recommended.

Chances are Fortnite Xbox 360 and Fortnite for PS3 will never be released, because these platforms are too obsolete for Unreal Engine 4 utilized in this game.

Hardware Compatibility

Currently, the game is available for actual major consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), for desktop platforms (Windows and Mac OS X). You can also download Fortnite iOS in App Store. Since September, 2018 we can buy a special Fortnite Nintendo Switch bundle with preinstalled game and some special content; of course, the game can be purchased separately. It can be controlled with the gaming controller, with keyboard and mouse, or via touchscreen.

The most expected now is Android version. It’s still under beta testing, and while Samsung flagship device users can enjoy it fully, other platforms are not supported so well. That’s why Fortnite Amazon Tablet edition isn’t released yet: Fire tablets run modified Android.

One of the great advantages of Fortnite is its easy controls. When playing Fortnite PS4 or Fortnite Xbox 360, the original controller seems perfectly optimized for it. When at your PC, you can easily use your keyboard and mouse. And switching to mobile device changes little; virtual joysticks and buttons copy both console controller and keyboard layout. The developers didn’t provide many specified moves, so the existing ones are easy to learn.

As it offers third-person perspective, it’s hard to imagine Fortnite in VR, yet it is possible. We’d like to see it and hope one day it’s adapted for Oculus Rift or PSVR.

Fortnite: How to Play, Win, and Enjoy

  • It won’t take long to master controls, but you better study the map, and it will take time. There’s only one map, and knowledge of it is a great advantage.
  • Use your fantasy. Anything is possible in this world.
  • Always keep moving! Run and jump, and never stay still. You don’t have to stop even to pick items up.
  • When you know the map, you can run to its center beforehand not to be caught by storm early.
  • Don’t pick up all the guns you find. But in the beginning, you must pick at least one.
  • Communicate in voice with your teammates, if you have a headset with a mic.
  • Play a number of games just to learn the skills. Stay away from the rest of players in a quiet place and explore your fortification abilities. These games will be probably lost, but thus you invest in future victories.

Fortnite FAQ

1. How do I get Fortnite Android app?
Use a special page to subscribe. Sooner or later you’ll receive an email with a link to download Fortnite APK. If you’re out of patience, you can find leaked beta versions on third-party servers, but the earlier is the version, the less probable it is to run on your device smoothly (if at all).

2. Where is Fortnite Windows 10 link? I have installed it and now I can’t find it!
Run Epic Games launcher. What you look for is inside.

3. Will I like the original Fortnite, if I’m a fan of Battle Royale?
It’s different. You have to cooperate in building, so it may rather resemble Minecraft. But you might like it too, because visuals are the same.

4. Do I have to pay for better equipment?
The game supports micro transactions, but it’s free-to-win. In fact, the V-Bucks you can buy only help you customize your character’s appearance and don’t impact abilities at all. On the other hand, when you play with your mates, being recognizable from a distance is hard to overrate.

5. Where can I get Fortnite installer for PC? 
Links to download the latest version Fortnite Season 6 are available at the bottom of the page. Just click on the "Get Game" button.

6. Where can I get Fortnite for Mac? 
Links to download the latest version Fortnite Season 6 are available at the bottom of the page. Just click on the "Get Game" button.

7. Can I Play Fortnite online without downloading?
No. You need to install Fortnite game at your device. 

8. How to download Fortnite on Xbox 360?
Fortnite isn't available for Xbox 360 and will never be released for this console.

9. Сan I download Fortnite for Nintendo Switch?
Yes, just click on the "Get Game" button.

10. Can I get Fortnite on Steam?
No. You can get Fortnite for PC at developer's site, just click on the "Get Game" button.

10. Can I get Fortnite on Steam?
No. You can get Fortnite for PC at developer's site, just click on the "Get Game" button.


Want to have hours packed with action, adventure, survival, and a little bit of fun? Fortnite is the best option for a player looking for a mingle of these genres. Having fun and play Fortnite unblocked full version online.


  • Fortnite Xbox 360 and Fortnite for PS3, PS Vita will never be released because they are too obsolete for Unreal Engine 4 utilized in this game
  • There’s no respawn in the game: when you die, you die


  • Addictive, action-packed gameplay
  • Lots of in-game possibilities
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Appealing cartoonish graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Fortnite unblocked
  • Fortnite is good game for kids




Replay Value