About us

  • The most popular video game in the world right now.
  • 60 million downloads worldwide.
  • 125 million people are playing. 
  • Available on PC, Mac, Xbox, PS4, and mobile devices.
  • More than three million people were playing it at once. 
  • Free to download and to play.

Sure, you’ve guessed that we are talking about Fortnite. This addictive game spread all over the globe, and it undoubtedly couldn’t remain unnoticed. 

Fortnite is a game changer for the whole video game industry. Unsurprisingly, that this game captured so many hearts and minds lightning fast. 

Flawless in terms of idea and implementation, this third-person shooter game changes the industry entirely and deserves the attention of all video game players. 

We believe that Fortnite is the most critical milestone in the whole video game industry in our days. That is why we want to play it, learn it as a video game industry event, reveal all its secret, and share our tips and knowledge with you.

This site is dedicated to the most prominent gaming title of our days and developed by its devoted fans. For all of you who are addicted, slightly interested, and newcomers to Fortnite - just take our Fortnite discoveries and use them. 

Want more Fortnite in your life? Join our community to read all the latest news and get the services connected with the game walkthrough and some crucial information about your favorite game so far. 

Have any questions or suggestions regarding our Fortnite site or the game itself? Feel free to drop us a line. Fill the form below with the craziest questions you ever had about Fortnite. Trust us, we have the answers (craziest as well). 


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