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So you are new to Fortnite. Welcome to its fascinating, action-packed world spiced with adventure and survival. Soon you will feel your life incomplete when you are not playing it and not progressing with your survival skills. 

Maybe you are already an experienced player and had a good deal of sleepless Fortnite nights? Congratulations, you are a part of the Fortnite world by now. Apparently, you always drive for more in Fortnite: experience, rewards, victories. 

In both of the cases, we are sure you crave to become a PRO in Fortnite. And you know what? We can help you with achieving this goal. Becoming the last survivor is much easier when you are equipped with the PRO status. And getting this status requires some proper preparation. 

Ready for it? Moving!

We want to offer Fortnite players some services letting to advance in the game significantly. 
Are you ready to become a PRO? Then order our Fortnite PRO lessons. 

What is the Fortnite PRO lesson?

It’s an efficient video lecture combining both theory and practice of playing the Fortnite. The lesson is held by a PRO Fortnite player - one of our expert team of coaches skilled enough to share the sacred knowledge with you. 

With our Fortnite PRO lessons, you extend your playing possibilities sky-high, feel the apparent results right from the first lesson, and gradually move to the PRO player status. While studying, you can discuss your questions about tactics, strategy, controls, and the style of playing with your coach. You can even find your personal style of playing and hone it to perfection.  

The Fortnite PRO lesson is your opportunity to outdo 99 competitors in the game match and remain the one who wins!
We offer you the most affordable prices on the market for this exclusive service. Starting with $35 to $65 per hour (depending on the complexity of your inquiry) you get the whole lot of needed Fortnite skills just sitting comfortably at your PC screen.

We provide lessons for the next playing platforms: 

  • Fortnite for PC: Windows 10/8/7;
  • Fortnite for iOS: Mac, iPhone, and iPad;
  • Fortnite for Android;
  • Fortnite for PS4;
  • Fortnite for Xbox One;
  • Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

Ready for ordering? Then click on the “Get your Fortnite PRO lessons” button and proceed to details of your application. 
Get your Fortnite lessons with the professional coach and see how much better you can become when playing. 

We have just one more question for you. Do you have all the Fortnite Battle Pass rewards? If no, we don’t even imagine how you have been through this fact. We insist that every true Fortnite fan need to have them all!

So there is one more service helping you succeed in Fortnite. And we offer it at your disposal. We can boost up your Fortnite account for getting all Battle Pass rewards. 

Why do you require all the Fortnite Battle Pass rewards? 

Battle Pass rewards from all the Fortnite seasons can gradually improve your gaming experience with sets of equipment and exclusive cosmetic items. You can achieve more in the game having all these useful pieces and weapons near at your hand.

Let us transform your Fortnite gaming experience outright. Order this exclusive service by clicking “Get Fortnite account boost” to receive the Battle Pass rewards and feel the difference of playing at once. The price for the service starts at $10 and can reach $60 depending on the complexity of the inquiry. 

Are you ready for a total upgrade? Order our exclusive Fortnite services and master the art of survival in Fortnite. Become better, faster, more skillful, and achieve all your Fortnite goals with the help of our Fortnite PRO experts. 

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