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UltraViewer is a freeware software designed around remotely controlling desktop computer functions that are linked with the software. It can be used to transfer files, perform fixes, and otherwise control computers from another computer. Ultraviewer can be downloaded for PC.


UltraViewer is designed to allow users to control each other's computers through each user's UltraViewer software. By inputting your partner’s ID and password, you can control their computer and share screens so they can see what you’re doing as you do it. This service allows for easy access to both IT and management.


UltraViewer is much smaller software compared to its competitors, meaning it has a smaller user base. With a smaller user base, problems and glitches that come up in the software are fixed much slower. The software’s performance is overall weaker than competitors, with bouts of lag and performance drops.

Safe remote control

UltraViewer is designed to support customer, partner remotely. Your clients can observe all you do on their screen and take control whenever they want. You can control multiple computers simultaneously or share your screen with multiple computers.

Here you can download UltraViewer for Free