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Sally Face

Portable Moose

Delve into an unsettling adventure following the boy with a prosthetic face and a tragic past. In the first episode, Strange Neighbors, Sally Face and his father move into an apartment filled with odd tenants and an unfortunate crime scene. Little did they know what misfortune still awaits… Unravel the sinister mysteries of Sally's world to find the truth that lies hidden beneath the shadows.


Intriguing narrative will linger in your thoughts. Speak with the dead, using handheld video game system, the Gear Boy. Handcrafted by a solo dev: including art, design and music. Inspired by 1990s cartoons and personal nightmares. Bizarre characters, ponies, headbanging and more


In this story-driven adventure game, players will interact with Sal's world and his nightmares. The main path typically requires casual effort. However, there are hidden layers to be uncovered that will invoke a bit of head-scratching, for those players up to the challenge.


The game is composed of five episodes in total. The first episode offers a short introduction to Sally Face, which the subsequent episodes greatly expand upon.

Here you can download Sally Face for Free