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Rainway Inc.

Rainway is a video game streaming service. Rainway allows users to run games on their Windows 10 PC and play them on other devices over an internet connection.

How it works?

This app uses the peer-to-peer connection, which means that launching a game through it also runs it on your PC back home. The software operates by capturing your PC screen in real-time and encoding it to a stream. It then sends it to your phone through a low-latency network.


Rainway is optimized to allow for input through a mouse or a gamepad. Therefore, it's an app handy to have for playing when you're not at home. It doesn't ask for a subscription or consumes data.


Rainway is compatible with games purchased from Steam, Origin,,, and Uplay. The service can run in web browsers and will also be compatible with iOS and Android mobile phones, as well as Xbox One consoles.

Here you can download Rainway for Free