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Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon rose from the ashes of a failed Pokemon mod to become the one mod to catch them all. Bringing together everyone's favorite mechanics from the Pokemon games into the wide open world of Minecraft, Pixelmon lets you live out your dreams of an open world Pokemon game.


A community-driven initiative, our Modeller and Animation team reproduce the widely-loved creatures of the Pokemon world. Drawing talent from the Pokemon-loving Minecraft community, Pixelmon’s animated models showcase both expertise and commitment, as their masterful works are brought to life within Minecraft’s hard and unforgiving universe by the Pixelmon team.


Pixelmon features an original sound track by Chris Geddes - AKA ZeeCount. These original tracks contribute to the feel of adventure and to the tone of each biome. He has also finished 3 pieces of battle music and will be recording a short choir piece for encountering legendary Pokémon like Mew soon. Also in the works is making some ambience tracks to bridge the silences between when the main biome songs are playing.

Here you can download Pixelmon for Free