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Night Owl

Night Owl SP, LLC

Night Owl Protect lets you view all of your devices in one easy to use mobile app. Monitor your home or business, in real-time, on your Smartphone or Tablet. Easily share images and recordings via your favorite social network or through email and text. Staying connected to your devices allows you to protect your world from potential threats. Secure, PROTECT and connect your world!

Main Features

Quickly and easily set up your product with our Secure App-Based Bluetooth Setup. Receive real-time mobile alerts when a human, face or vehicle is detected. Easily configure your alert settings, so you get the notifications you want.

Save Data

Use audio features (2-Way Audio, Siren, Preset Voice Messages) with applicable models. Search for and playback recordings using filters. Save and share recordings right from your mobile device. Take snapshot images and save and share them right from your mobile device.


Conveniently and securely access multiple devices with one set of login credentials (Single Sign-On). Securely reset your password, right from the app. Create favorites and groups to better access select cameras when desired. Keep your data secure with 2-Step Verification, which safeguards your privacy by requiring two authentication steps for login.

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