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MyPaint is a nimble, distraction-free, and easy tool for digital painters. It supports graphics tablets made by Wacom, and many similar devices. Its brush engine is versatile and configurable, and it provides useful, productive tools.


MyPaint app lets you use your drawing and painting skills to build beautiful paintings and drawings. Choose a custom color and use custom strokes to make your drawing more creative. Enjoy making beautiful drawings and have fun with painting art.


Pressure-sensitive graphics tablet support. Dynamic brush library, standalone for integration into third-party applications. Layer management. Simple interface. Gamut masking color wheel. "Unlimited" canvas not requiring predetermination of image size. Symmetry Modes. Python 3 support. Integrated bug reporting. Supports graphics tablets made by Wacom, and similar devices.


MyPaint has a custom procedural brush engine optimized for use with pressure-sensitive graphics tablets. In later MyPaint versions, the engine was broken out into the separately maintained libmypaint library to make it easier to integrate into other applications. MyPaint's brush library is available as a Krita plugin, and also GIMP has support for MyPaint brushes by default.

Here you can download MyPaint for Free