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Koikatsu Party


Koikatsu Party is a hot anime character builder that allows creating and romancing your dream sex partner. With the extraordinary level of character customization available in this game, its players can bring to life their wildest and most intimate fantasies.


For a 3D anime simulator, Koikatsu Party looks amazingly detailed and realistic. Its high-quality anime-style graphics are visually very pleasing, which is hardly a surprise given that the graphic component is the central thing of the game. It also sounds great thanks to some of Japan’s best voice talents.


The game offers 300+ options to modify your anime character in any way imaginable. You have the broadest range of general and custom settings to choose what kind of girl you would like to have – from her hairstyle and outfit to personality type and highly specific body preferences. Once your dream sex character is ready, you can proceed to test a variety of sexual options that can suit any, even most extravagant, taste. In this game, you have complete control over what your character can or cannot do. The customization covers virtually every aspect of her sexual behavior: sensuality, sexual preferences, level of experience, and much more. Choose how you want her to respond to your every touch.


The game utilizes very straightforward mouse controls for PC users to focus on their immediate sensations rather than wrestle with complicated control schemes and keyboard layouts. Just one click of a button opens up a whole world of fantasy and pleasure.

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