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HWMonitor is a health monitoring program dedicated to Android devices. It shows in real time a various set of temperatures (depending on device), battery information (voltage, temperature and charge level), and CPU utilization.

What is HWMonitor?

HWMonitor is a system hardware monitoring application that has been created by CPUID the same people who were behind CPU-Z and PC Wizard and can be downloaded here. HWMonitor works well with both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the Windows Operating System. HWMonitor is a pretty simple application and an amazing utility as far as displaying the most vital of your computers components information.


HWMonitor is capable of displaying almost all of your computers temperatures, voltages and fan speeds in an extremely simplified and streamlined fashion. HWMonitor is not big on additional functionality and added features, which is why the only features the application offers other than the monitoring and displaying of system hardware information is the ability to save monitoring or SMBus data to a text file. The HWMonitor application displays three different values for each listing the current value, the minimum value the listing has had since the application was launched and the maximum value the listing has had since the application was launched.

Connect from your Android device

In addition, HWMonitor PRO allows to monitor up to 10 systems (Windows PC or Android device) from your Android device. Run HWMonitor PRO on your Android mobile device, then choose Add Device from the application menu or click on the computer icon in the action bar. Then enter the name or the IP address of the machine, and choose OK. Select the machine in the list in order to start the connection.

Here you can download HWMonitor for Free