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Trickster Cards

Hearts Free is a classic competitive card game, and MobilityWare’s artificial intelligence in this free Hearts card game ensures YOUR play has the competitive edge, Hearts card master!

Get Excited for Features!

Whether you’re going to Shoot the Moon as a Hearts card master or just starting to get into the game or totally new to Hearts, you’ll find our free card game has a setting for your comfort and challenge level.

Artificial Intelligence

We cannot stop talking about this card game’s adaptive and fair AI features! Playing Hearts free is a cinch with smart opponents. And our even more intelligent free Hints feature

Play Offline, Anytime

No need to wait around for real users to log on with this free Hearts card game. And no need to have game delays when their internet lags. Reliable AI bots want to play cards with you all day, no internet required

Here you can download Hearts for Free